• AdditiveHabitat is an ecosystem designed to connect users of 3D printing and provide resources that inspire creation, collaboration and innovation.

  • Our mission is to cultivate a global root system that will support the growth of additive manufacturing.


Plant A Printer™

Register your printer with our mapping tool to make money with local prints or remote orders. Capitalize on idle time and be rewarded for reaching milestones based on collaboration through AddHab.

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The Stream

Stay current with our up-to-the-minute source of 3D printing industry news, technological developments, and financial analysis.

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The Habitat

Create a profile to connect and grow as a member of our community. Get access to support forums, tutorials, and educational content.

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Find incredible designs and bring them to life. Set up Shop with a free virtual storefront and exchange your content with the world.

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  • AdditiveHabitat aims to simplify 3D printing by matching needs with resources & building channels that make additive manufacturing accessible.

AdditiveHabitat is an ecosystem created for all users of 3D printing technology. Whether an experienced designer or maker, the owner of a printer, or a consumer looking to bring an idea to life, AddHab helps connect anyone, regardless of experience, with 3D printing. Our team is creating this ecosystem by building an interactive network of local 3D printers, filling a marketplace of virtual storefronts with designs, and offering a habitat in which users can access all of the web’s additive manufacturing resources.
If the additive manufacturing industry were a tree, the maker community would be its root system. Each member makes connections with others, bringing new life to the technology. At AdditiveHabitat, we believe that all users of 3D printing are analogous to seeds, that if planted, will sprout roots, contributing to the growth of the entire industry.

We’re not up and running quite yet, but if you’re interested in AdditiveHabitat, we’d love the opportunity to contact you when our service is available.

See you soon,

AdditiveHabitat LLC

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